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We preserve and distribute Arabidopsis transposon-tagged lines developed in RIKEN GSC, Arabidopsis activation (T-DNA)-tagged lines developed in RIKEN BRC and RIKEN GSC, and Arabidopsis FOX lines that over-express Arabidopsis or rice full-length cDNA. Wild type and related species of Arabidopsis formally distributed from The SENDAI Arabidopsis Seed Stock Center (SASSC) are also distributed from BRC. In addition, we now distribute independent mutant and transgenic lines.


Arabidopsis transposon tagged linesArabidopsis transposon tagged lines

Arabidopsis activation (T-DNA)-tagged linesArabidopsis activation (T-DNA)-tagged lines

Arabidopsis FOX Lines (Arabidopsis cDNA over-expresser)Arabidopsis FOX Lines (Arabidopsis cDNA over-expresser)

Arabidopsis FOX Lines (rice cDNA over-expresser)Arabidopsis FOX Lines (rice cDNA over-expresser)

Arabidopsis Transcription Factor-Glucocorticoid Receptor (TF-GR) linesArabidopsis Transcription Factor-Glucocorticoid Receptor (TF-GR) lines

Arabidopsis nuclear-encoded chloroplast protein mutantArabidopsis nuclear-encoded chloroplast protein mutant

SASSC (wild type and mutant)SASSC (wild type and mutant)

Set of natural accessions (Set of individual seed stocks)Set of natural accessions (Set of individual seed stocks)

Pool set of natural accessions (for screening)Pool set of natural accessions (for screening)

Crossed line (F2 seeds) of natural accessionsCrossed line (F2 seeds) of natural accessions

Individual lines (mutants and transgenic lines)Individual lines (mutants and transgenic lines)

Brachypodium Bd21 seedBrachypodium Bd21 seed


IMPORTANT NOTICE:The transposon-tagged lines, T-DNA-tagged lines, FOX lines, Nuclear-encoded chloroplast protein mutant and independent transgenic lines are categorized to genetically modified organisms. For ordering such materials, the applicants must obtain all of the permission required by any kind of regulation or law before ordering. Also, it is recipient’s responsibility to perform customs procedure for importation of biological materials. Please inform us when you need quarantine certification to import Arabidopsis seeds. Without providing such information, RIKEN BRC cannot guarantee any loss or damage of the materials that is caused during customs procedure.

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