Pool set of Arabidopsis natural accessions

This resource is made up of 400 natural accessions of Arabidopsis for screening purpose.
Genotyping service is available after screening.

Information for the resource:

  1. We propagated natural accessions with single seed descent (SSD) method. We characterized genotype of each accession using SSR marker. We also obtained 149 SNPs data from the 3rd generation of each accession. Seeds of 2nd or 3rd generation were used for this resource.
  2. From each accession, 400 seeds were sampled. The seeds from every 50 accessions were mixed to give 8 stocks in total. Then 400 seeds were sampled from each stock to create 8 pools for screening use.
  3. RECIPINT of the resource can apply to the genotyping service after screening. Using SSR marker, we can identify the accession of the plants of your interest.


Please note:

  • List of accessions in each pool is here.
  • User’s fee for non-profit organization is 6,000 JPY. (Entire list of user’s fee is here.)
  • Genotyping fee is 9,000 JPY.

Please place your order at plant.brc@riken.jp.

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