Outline of Experimental Plant Division

RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) was established in 2001 to improve human health, food production and environmental protection by promoting the life science. From April 2002, RIKEN BRC has been engaged in the National Bioresource Project (NBRP) conducted by the Japanese government. Experimental Plant Division preserves and distributes Arabidopsis seeds, plant genetic materials and plant cultured cells through this project. We collect plant resources from the Japanese research community, amplify the resources for preservation, and distribute them after the careful examination of their qualities.
In April 2012, the third term of NBRP was set up. We now try to obtain useful information of resources to improve their values. One example is the genotype and phenotype characterization of natural accessions. The data will be available from our website.
We hope that our project will help international research community to fight with the global subjects such as environment and food problems. Your suggestions and comments are much appreciated.


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