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List of plant cell lines List of plant cell lines

Plant cell line collection

Experimental Plant Division provides researchers with plant cell cultures that are useful for a wide range of plant research.

  • Cultured cells of model plants
  • Cell lines derived from secondary metabolite-producing plants
  • Transgenic cell lines expressing fluorescent proteins

Most of the cell lines are undifferentiated cell cultures that have lost capacity for differentiating into whole plants, except for carrot kurodagosun (rpc00002).

Culture methods

The plant cell cultures have been maintained on semi-solid or liquid media by repeated subculturing at definite time intervals.

Detailed culture methods are found in an on-line manual RIKEN BRC plant cell line documentation.


Tobacco BY-2 and Arabidopsis T87

Please send MTA and order form to customer support

Documents required for distribution <Tobacco BY-2 / Arabidopsis T87 cells>

Other cell lines

Please contact customer support


Setting up schedule to ship orders is affected by the subculture cycle of plant cells or certain terms and conditions when they are shipped.

  • Recipients are solely responsible for the customs clearance in accordance with laws of own country.
    Asking your local courier for advice would be recommended.
  • Plant cells are shipped by means of consignee payment.
    FedEx is exclusively selected for the recipients in the States, but another choice is available in other areas.
  • There are several transgenic cell lines in the stock, which cannot regenerate into whole plants under natural conditions.
    If any document relating to GMOs is required in the country’s law and/or the institute, please give the customer support a prior notice.

Overseas Distribution

Fee Structure


Carefully handle the plant cells after they arrive.

  • Be prepared with growth chambers, cell culture instruments and culture media.
  • Transfer the cultured cells to fresh medium immediately.
  • Storing the cultured cells in a refrigerator or a freezer must be avoided.

Quality control

Experimental Plant Division has checked plant cell lines by PCR-based genotyping in order to authenticate their identity.

  • Identification of the original plant species (once a year)
  • Detection of inserted DNA (if any, once a year)

Quality Control (4) Plant cultured cells

Citation of cell lines

When results obtained by using the plant cell lines are published in a scientific journal, it should be cited in the following manner:

Nicotiana tabacum BY-2 cell line (rpc00001) was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

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