Plant DNA Catalog

We collect, preserve and distribute following plant DNA materials.

  • Vectors for transformation
  • Arabidopsis cDNA Encyclopedia DNABookTM (Trial product, basic research only.)
    This book is provided with plasmid DNA of 1,069 RAFL clones that correspond to Arabidopsis transcription factors. (The DNA samples are spotted on the pages of the book.)
  • RIKEN Arabidopsis full-length cDNA (RAFL) clones (deposited from RIKEN GSC)
  • Arabidopsis Transcription Factor clones (TF clones)(developed by AIST and RIKEN CSRS)
  • Brachypodium distachyon full-length cDNA clones (developed by RIKEN CSRS)
  • Cassava full-length cDNA clones (deposited from RIKEN Plant Science Center)
  • Striga hermonthica full-length cDNA clones (developed by RIKEN Plant Science Center)
  • Brassica rapa EST clones (developed by RIKEN BRC and RIBS)
  • T. halophila full-length cDNA clones (deposited from RIKEN Plant Science Center)
  • Tobacco EST clones from BY-2 cells (deposited from RIKEN Plant Science Center)

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