Poplar full-length cDNA clones

This resource has been developed and deposited by Drs. Kenji Shinohara and Tokihiko Nanjo, Department of Molecular and Cell biology, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI),Tsukuba, Japan.

Resource number: pds00001-
Developer: Drs. Tokihiko Nanjo and Kenji Shinohara (FFPRI)
Total number of Clones: 4,522
Style of distribution: Approx. 100 ng of lyophilized plasmid is provided.
Number of clones available: 23,100 clones
Organism: Populus nigra var. italica (poplar)
Vector:  (for pds00001-04522) pME18SFL3 ( Gene Bank Accession No. AB009864, TOYOBO, Japan); (for pds10001-) pFLCIII
Selection marker: ampicillin
Map and restriction site: (for pds00001-04522) Please see figures on the catalogue of TOYOBO; (for pds10001-) please see Figure 2 (I) on the manuscript by Carninci et al.
Specific feature: 5′- and 3′ -sequences have been characterized.
Specific conditions for distribution:
  1. The RECIPIENT should obtain approval of the DEPOSITOR using the APPROVAL FORM prior to entering THE AGREEMENT with the RIKEN BRC.
  2. The BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL should not be used for any commercial purpose.
  3. Following manuscript should be referred in the publication on scientific journal.Nanjo et al. (2004) Characterization of full-length enriched expressed sequence tags of stress treated poplar leaves. Plant Cell Physiol. 45(12): 1738-1748.
  4. The RECIPIENT can receive up to 10 clones in one order and up to 100 clones in one year as the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE.
  5. The RECIPIENT should not distribute or transfer the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE to any other laboratory or organization.
  6. Within 6 months after receiving the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, the RECIPIENT must sequence the entire length of the insert(s), deposit the sequence(s) into EMBL/GeneBank/DDBJ database, and report the accession number(s) to the depositor via the RIKEN BRC. The RIKEN BRC can use them to improve the catalogue in RIKEN BRC.

(For detail please send e-mail to plant.brc@riken.jp)

  1. Nanjo T., Futamura N., Nishiguchi M., Igasaki T., Shinozaki K. and Shinohara K., Characterization of full-length enriched expressed sequence tags of stress-treated poplar leaves. Plant Cell Physiol. 45 (12): 1738-1748 (2004).
  2. Nanjo T, Sakurai T, Totoki Y, Toyoda A, Nishiguchi M, Kado T, Igasaki T, Futamura N, Seki M, Sakaki Y, Shinozaki K and Shinohara K., Functional annotation of 19,841 Populus nigra full-length enriched cDNA clones. BMC Genomics 8: 448 (2007).
More information is available from the following website:
 http://www.ffpri.affrc.go.jp/labs/kouho/Press-release/2004/cdna041220.html (in Japanese)

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