Set of Arabidopsis natural accessions

This resource is made up of selected 100 natural accessions of Arabidopsis in RIKEN BRC stock.

The 100 lines were selected as the following way.

  1. We propagated natural accessions with single seed descent (SSD) method, and obtained 149 SNPs data from the 3rd generation of each accession. Then we classified the accessions into 100 groups by the SNPs data.
  2. We selected one accession from each group. Phenotype data obtained in RIKEN BRC is considered in the selection process.

Please note:

  • Users will receive a package with 100 tubes. Each tube contains approx. 50 seeds of natural accessions.
  • List of accessions in the set is here.
  • User’s fee for non-profit organization is 180,300 JPY. (Entire list of fees is here.)

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