Arabidopsis nuclear-encoded chloroplast protein mutant

Resource number:  psy00001-06010
Developer:  Drs. Fumiyoshi Myouga and Kazuo Shinozaki, RIKEN CSRS
Total number of line:  3,028
Style of distribution:  Individual line (approx. 50 seeds)
Number of lines available:  1,450 (RATM 693, SALK 757)
Background ecotype:  Nossen (RATM), Columbia (SALK)
Vector for transformation with Agrobacterium:  pCGN derivatives (RATM), pROK2 (SALK)
Selection marker:  Hyg (RATM), NPTII(SALK)
Specific conditions for distribution:
The manuscripts listed below should be referred in the publication on scientific journal.
Myouga et al, Plant Cell Physiol. 54(2):e2 (2013)
These lines are categorized to genetically modified organisms. For ordering such materials, the applicants must obtain all of the permission required by any kind of regulation or law before ordering. Also, it is recipient’s responsibility to perform customs procedure for importation of biological materials. Please inform us when you need quarantine certification to import Arabidopsis seeds. Without providing such information, RIKEN BRC cannot guarantee any loss or damage of the materials that is caused during customs procedure.
Some of the lines of this resource are currently under preparation. If you want to know more information, please send your query to:

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