Individual lines (mutants and transgenic lines)

You can search Arabidopsis mutant and transgenic lines from here. Please find detail information in the manuscript published by the depositor. If you have questions, please mail to


(1) Some of the lines are categorized to genetically modified organisms. For ordering such materials, the applicants must obtain all of the permission required by any kind of regulation or law before ordering. Also, it is recipient’s responsibility to perform customs procedure for importation of biological materials. Please inform us when you need quarantine certification to import Arabidopsis seeds. Without providing such information, RIKEN BRC cannot guarantee any loss or damage of the materials that is caused during customs procedure.

(2) Transgenic lines are usually the mixture of homozygous and heterozygous seeds. Also some seeds have more than one copy of transgene. In some case, expression level of transgene is suppressed by co-suppression. Please consider these possibilities when you use the seeds.

(3) In response to the deposition of mutant and transgenic lines, RIKEN BRC performs amplification and QC on newly deposited seed lines. After the harvest of seeds, they are added to the catalogue. When you could not find a line of your interest, email your inquiry to

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