List of GFP resources


Category ofResource type Resource number Name of resource Comment
Arabidopsis transgenic seed line psi00010 pCPC::CPC:GFP Transformed with pCPC::CPC:GFP as a marker of epidermal cells
Transgenic cell line rpc00039 GV7 Transformed with GFP-AtVAM3 as a marker of vacuolar membrane
Transgenic cell line rpc00040 GF11 Transformed with GFP-AtFim1 as a marker of actin filament
Transgenic cell line rpc00041 GT16 Transformed with GFP-tublinα as a marker of microtuble
Transgenic cell line rpc00042 TBY2-AtRER1B Transformed with GFP-AtRer1B as a marker of Golgi