Tobacco EST clones from BY-2 cells

This resource has been developed in RIKEN Plant Science Center (PSC). The collection was deposited from Dr. Ken Matsuoka, RIKEN PSC in Yokohama, Japan.

Resource number: pby00101
Developer: Dr. Ken Matsuoka (RIKEN PSC)
Total number of clones: 22,221
Style of distribution: Approx. 100 ng of lyophilized plasmid DNA is provided.
Number of available clones: 22,221 clones (Oct. 2009)
Organism: Nicotiana tabacum BY-2 cultured cell
Vector: pGEM T-Easy vector (Promega) (pby00101-pby14996); pBluescript II KS+ (Stratagene)(pby21001-35384); pGCAPSP2 (pby40001-)
Selection marker: ampicillin
Map and restriction site: Please see the figure in supplier’s catalogue. For pGCASP2, please send your mail to
Specific feature: 5′- and 3′ -end sequences have been characterized.
Specific conditions for distribution:
  1. These materials will be distributed for basic research of no commercial value.
  2. When result of research using this resource is planned to claim right or to use for industrial purpose, researchers should discuss with RIKEN before starting steps.
  3. If commercial use of the clone(s) is planned, contact RIKEN to discuss the condition of the commercial use.
  4. Following manuscripts should be referred in the publication on scientific journal reporting use of it.

(a) Matsuoka, K., Demura, T., Gális, I., Horiguchi, T., Sasaki, M., Tashiro, G. and Fukuda, H. (2004) A comprehensive gene expression analysis toward the understanding of growth and differentiation of tobacco BY-2 cells. Plant Cell Physiol. 45:1280-1289.

(b) Gális, I., Šimek, P., Narisawa, T., Sasaki, M., Horiguchi, T., Fukuda, H. and Matsuoka, K. (2006) Tobacco microarray reveals novel MYB transcription factor that selectively activates genes in phenylpropanoid metabolism. Plant J. 43:573-592.

Reference: as above

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