Seed and DNA Stock Deposition

Depositor’s merit

It unburdens your hard work from maintaining biological materials to transferring them to end users upon their requests. In addition, your deposition makes your research work visibly by collaborating with other researchers from various fields in the world. Your deposition of biological resources to RIKEN BRC is greatly appreciated.

We are enthusiastic on distributing the best quality of plant materials. Our skillful technicians have been conducting quality control by confirming growth and propagation, characterizing genotypes and analyzing nucleotide sequence. Characteristics and methodologies generated from their performance are provided to BRC depositors and users.

Deposition set up

You can look at the items in the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)  prior to your deposition. If you are private sector, MTA for Profit Organization is emailed to a person in charge. Please email to with the subject line ‘Biological stock deposition, MTA for Profit Organization’. Please contact our office by emailing or faxing a Deposition form. The fax number is +81-29-836-9053.

Material Transfer Agreement

Deposition form

Procedures of deposition

After exchanging correspondences regarding your deposition, both sides finally execute the MTA. Please make two copies of MTA bearing the signatures of the authorized representative and an appropriate researcher. Please send them to the address below along with the Data Sheets, which describes your material. The depositors are responsible for the authenticity of the material(s). Data Sheet should contain sufficient information on them. Please send the MTA and Data Sheet to the following address.

Experimental Plant Division
RIKEN BioResource Research Center
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074 JAPAN
FAX: +81 29 836 9053

You can also return the electrical files via email with the subject line, ‘Biological stock deposition, MTA and Data Sheet. If available, adding your user account number can help us identify who you are.

Please note that depositors may set forth specific terms and conditions associated with use of the Biological Resource in the MTA. As a public biological resource center, the RIKEN BRC requests them to deposit their materials with minimum restrictions. Later we will contact you to arrange transportation of the material(s). We will cover shipping cost. Your material(s) will be on our website, and then they will become publicly accessible. Depositors, in return, will be able to receive the equivalent plant resource(s) from the RIKEN BRC without being charged.

Protection of personal information

The BRC will handle personal data with proper care and consideration. For further information on the BRC policy, click Personal data protection policy.

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