To those who order homozygous RATM lines

We will change our policy of providing control Nossen seeds. So far we have supplied the control seeds for free to those ordered homozygous RATM lines. On and after May 1, control Nossen seeds are shipped upon your request, which is subject to your payment.

  • In our catalog psh stands for confirmed homozygous seed stock. Please choose psh when to order the homozygous lines.
  • Please enter the number(s): replaced with each Nossen, Ds Parent and Ac Parent line, when you order.
    Nossen Ds parents Ac parent
    pst99998 Ds51 pst90051 pst91000
    Ds52 pst90052
    Ds53 pst90053
    Ds54 pst90054
    Ds11 pst90011
    Ds12 pst90012
    Ds13 pst90013
    Ds15 pst90015
    Ds16 pst90016

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