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Arabidopsis thaliana Arabidopsis thaliana
Brachypodium Brachypodium distachyon
populus Populus nigra
oryza Oryza sativa
lotus Lotus japonicus
lycopersicom Lycopersicon esculentum Mill
striga Striga hermonthica
nicotiana Nicotiana tabacum
(BY-2 cell)
brassica Brassica rapa
thellungiella Thellungiella halophila
physcomitrella Physcomitrella patens
manihot Manihot esculenta Crantz

Genotype of RIKEN Arabidopsis transposon-tagged mutants

We inform you that the parent plants of a transposon tagging line that start with Ds12- or Ds16- were made using a different Arabidopsis accession from Nossen, and Ds insertion site for Ds1-388-5 was inside of At1g04580 gene.

We have investigated genotypes of Arabidopsis resources preserved in RIKEN BRC with SSR and SNP markers. In this news, we would like to inform following results concerning with the donor lines of RIKEN Arabidopsis transposon-tagged mutants to all users:

  1. Genotypes of two Ds donor lines, namely Ds2-389-2 and Ds6-393-19, were inconsistent with that of Nossen. None of the natural accessions preserved in RIKEN BRC has same genotype with these lines. (These lines were crossed with Ac donor line to produce Ds12- and Ds16- lines.)
  2. T-DNA insertion site for Ds1-388-5 was suggested to be inside of At1g04580, while it was reported as intergenic region in the depositor’s manuscript.
  3. As described in our homepage, we recommend corresponding Ds and Ac donor lines for control in your experiment.